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5 Tips To Calm Down Fast

In today’s stressful society, many people feel anxious and spend most of the day worrying about all sorts of problems such as work, family, relationship, health, money and so on. The stress builds up and comes to the boiling point eventually and you felt completely overwhelmed. It is not good for you physically, mentally and emotionally, you need to learn how to calm down. Here are five quick and effective ways to calm down.

1. Breathe With A Conscious Awareness.

Focus attention on yourself regardless where you are and what position you are, standing, sitting or lying down. Feel and concentrate your attention on the part of your body that is touching the ground. Breathe naturally to begin with, then after a couple of breaths, breathe in for 4 counts while you are saying ìI am in your mindî. Then breathe out for 4 counts while you are saying at peace. Repeat this rotation 4 times or more up to 2 minutes.

2. Self-shiatsu On Your Pressure Points.

There are key acupressure spots in your head, hands and face. These points are very close to nerve bundles, and if you stimulate them by applying pressure, it can relax the nervous system. Try to use the fleshy part of your hand between the forefingers and thumb. You could try this when you are at a stressful meeting or on the train.

3. Play Calming Music.

The rhythm of music you are listening can synergize with your body’s internal rhythm. When you are at the seaside and breathe slowly, then your heart rate slows down and starts beating close to the rhythm of the ocean. The same thing can happen with music. Choose and listen to the music you love and helps you calm down.

4. Dance.

According to the research, romance lowers the level of stress-related hormones. People often find dancing with their partner really romantic and rejuvenate their love life. You don’t need to go to dance class or ballroom, you can just dance around at home for a couple of minutes. Dancing leaves you feeling excited and youthful.  It ignites the sparks and the exciting and happy feeling take over the stress.

5. Count Your Happiness.

Every night before go to bed, write down three happy things happened on the day. They can be something minor, such as good cup of coffee, or major, such as support from your family. By actually writing down, you are more aware of what you are blessed and appreciate what you have now.  The feeling of appreciation will take over the stress and helps to improve your well-being.