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Attention Young People: Go Back To Bed

Why should you go back to bed? Well, if you are into athletics, your body needs time to recover. Your body does not actually adapt and grow when you are training. That mainly happens when you are resting your body. Your nervous system also needs sleep so it can repair itself. And if you are an athlete and you are young, your body will need even more time to repair itself, not less time.

However, you probably do not know that this is true and the coaches probably do not know it either. As a result, you are not getting enough rest.

If this is happening to you, you are not alone. Many young people in America are simply not getting the sleep they need. In fact, almost everyone is not getting the sleep they need, period.

The president of Alertness Solutions, Mark Rosekind who also was once a NASA scientist, notes that lab studies are showing that if you need eight hours of sleep and you only get six, this two-hour sleep deficit can seriously impact your daily performance. It is just about as bad as if your blood alcohol level were 0.05.

So the whole problem of sleep deprivation is very serious.

How Bad Is The Problem?

The Center for Disease Control stated in a document called “Insufficient Sleep Is A Public Health Epidemic,” that most Americans are extremely sleep deprived. This is not just a nighttime tea company or a blogger trying to sell a course about relaxation it is the CDC that made this statement.

Just how sleep deprived does America have to be before the CDC declares that it is an epidemic? Well, here are some facts:

Last month, more than 30% of people in America fell asleep in the daytime without even realizing that it happened until they suddenly woke up.

That sounds pretty serious, huh?

Also in the last month, 5% of Americans, when examined by age group, were found to have fallen asleep while driving a car and they did not realize this had happened until they woke up.

According to the CDC, sleep deprivation has a strong link to industrial disasters, medical and occupational errors and motor vehicle accidents. They go on to say that morbidity and mortality, mental health problems and addiction, cancer and diabetes are also associated with sleep deprivation.

What’s The Problem, I Get My 8 Hours?

Well, that will work if you are an adult. But it is extremely likely that almost 30% of adults in the United States are only getting 6 hours or less of sleep a night. And if you are in your teens that is simply not enough sleep.

According to the National Institute of Health, children actually need 10 hours of sleep per night, teenagers 9 to 10 hours and adults need 7 to 8 hours every night.

And people are not getting this much sleep or even close to it.

The average teenager in high school, not college but the high school with a maximum age of 18, are simply not getting at least 8 hours of sleep on a typical school night.

And here is the real kicker ñ most high school students are not athletes.

It is not only true that athletes need sleep so their athletic skills will improve but they desperately need the muscle restoration that occurs during sleep, according to Sara Madnick, Ph.D. who is a sleep researcher in La Jolla, California at the Salk Institute. She goes on to say that not getting adequate sleep will negatively affect athletic performance.

So you simply need to get more sleep if you are an athlete. Your body, as well as your nervous system, are taking a beating and the only way to recover is to sleep.

7 Blissful Baths To Suit Your Every Mood

Having a rough and stressful day is a common place to almost everyone.  Sometimes you get home, and try to unwind but you actually don’t have the slightest idea on how to. You would try a tot of Spanish whiskey or watch a movie but it would all end up in vein. Trying a gym may not be an option either. Still need a way out? Try a slow bath right at your bathtub for a couple of minutes.
A Japanese research shows all well that bathing is the best way to get yourself back to the moods. However, there are some tips that can help you during bathing. These are:

Your Mood

Depending on the level of hormones in your body, the mood controlling hormones will always determine your disposition. Having a low level of cortisol hormones can improve your mood. Try not to be angry.

Bath to Fix Your Hormonal Lows

When you are bathing, it is more enjoyable if you introduce some interesting add-ons such as a thrilling storybook.  Geraldine Howard, a scientist at Aromatherapy Associates comments that bathing while reading a book, for instance, will try to offset the hormonal slumps in your body.

How to Induce Sleep with a Bath

If you have been having an extremely busy day and you probably need to sleep but your brain is still online, then you need a bath. Taking a warm bath can reduce your internal body temperature which then tries to cool the external temperature afterwards. This process will induce sleep as noted by Jennifer Pressimone of National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Pressimone also points out that combining ten drops of mandarin will reduce your blood pressure, ten drops of chamomile will relief your tension, about 14 drops of lavender will challenge insomnia-induced symptoms and also about eight drops of Frankincense will deepen your breathing.

How to Fix an Ever-Busy Schedule with a Bath

Sometimes you find yourself having a schedule that doesnít have a break. You keep working from office all day and continue working even at home. The best way to deal with such kind of situations is taking a bath while combining the vital oils in the bathtub. Laura Benge, a director at Exhale, suggests that taking a teaspoon of bergamot will definitely stimulate your hormones that boosts your excitement such as hormone dopamine and serotonin. Benge adds that a teaspoon of vetiver is likely to improve your immune system which will revitalize your feelings.

Fixing Injury Pain

In some cases, you find yourself a new way to relax on a weekend camp. Unfortunately you sat down for too long and your butt bruises. Be sure that this pain will always last for a few days. However, there is a way to solve this issue with just a bath. UK experts have proved that a double-lavender bath can easily ease the soreness and get you back to normal.

The recipe is quite simple, a ten-drop lavender oil combined with dried lavender pieces will set you off this ordeal.  Massaging your skin with lavender will help sooth your pain. Once you are done with the lavender bath, you can wind up your bath with five drops of rosemary oil to relief you from pain.

Fix Your Libido

It may not be the best time for you to get to the essentials yet your partner is actually ready for it. That is not a good idea bearing in mind that declining the offer is not an option. Luckily, there is a fix for this condition. A marriage therapist, Ashley Turner recommends a couple of essential oil combinations that can just do the work.

Using the SoulKu’s Gem Essential Oil with a combination of hormone-balancing supplements will solve the problem.

Fix Your Problem of Too Much Caffeine

When you try to take some coffee or tea, you realize that your heart rate escalates to a dangerous zone.  Having no alternative to fix your craving for caffeine, a bathtub could be the place to be. Having a Bulgarian rose otto oil alongside you will guarantee a better feeling.  As Gorge Smith coins out, Jojoba oil can give you the necessary energy you need to restore your mood to a better level of its richness in vitamin B-complex.

Help Do Something for Yourself

Sometimes working here and there can consume all your time and you cannot even get a small time for your family or friends. This situation is quite normal as they all make you exhausted. Mixing a little drops of eucalyptus oil will fight against sluggishness and make you relaxed. It also lowers your blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels. This observation was made by Nicole Yih of The Spa, New York City.

Trying to do everything at the same time will always exhaust you and you need a good therapy for that. Taking the bath will fix it and lets you focus on other things rather than just concentrating on your exhaustiveness. Mixing some olive oil with honey or sugar and rubbing it over your body is another way to sooth your feelings.

Generally, taking a shower is not the best thing to do if you are intending to make yourself fresh. A bath in a bathtub is the best way to make it over because incorporating a couple of things in the process can sooth your feelings and bring you back to normal.  It is also advisable to spend some time on the bathtub at least every day to help you feel rejuvenated.

Incorporating stimulants during bathing is also important as it increases your energy and activates your brain. Having everything at hand before bathing is also important because bathing is something you want to do it alone. Remember that bathing is another form of therapy if you do it just the right way.

5 Tips To Calm Down Fast

In today’s stressful society, many people feel anxious and spend most of the day worrying about all sorts of problems such as work, family, relationship, health, money and so on. The stress builds up and comes to the boiling point eventually and you felt completely overwhelmed. It is not good for you physically, mentally and emotionally, you need to learn how to calm down. Here are five quick and effective ways to calm down.

1. Breathe With A Conscious Awareness.

Focus attention on yourself regardless where you are and what position you are, standing, sitting or lying down. Feel and concentrate your attention on the part of your body that is touching the ground. Breathe naturally to begin with, then after a couple of breaths, breathe in for 4 counts while you are saying ìI am in your mindî. Then breathe out for 4 counts while you are saying at peace. Repeat this rotation 4 times or more up to 2 minutes.

2. Self-shiatsu On Your Pressure Points.

There are key acupressure spots in your head, hands and face. These points are very close to nerve bundles, and if you stimulate them by applying pressure, it can relax the nervous system. Try to use the fleshy part of your hand between the forefingers and thumb. You could try this when you are at a stressful meeting or on the train.

3. Play Calming Music.

The rhythm of music you are listening can synergize with your body’s internal rhythm. When you are at the seaside and breathe slowly, then your heart rate slows down and starts beating close to the rhythm of the ocean. The same thing can happen with music. Choose and listen to the music you love and helps you calm down.

4. Dance.

According to the research, romance lowers the level of stress-related hormones. People often find dancing with their partner really romantic and rejuvenate their love life. You don’t need to go to dance class or ballroom, you can just dance around at home for a couple of minutes. Dancing leaves you feeling excited and youthful.  It ignites the sparks and the exciting and happy feeling take over the stress.

5. Count Your Happiness.

Every night before go to bed, write down three happy things happened on the day. They can be something minor, such as good cup of coffee, or major, such as support from your family. By actually writing down, you are more aware of what you are blessed and appreciate what you have now.  The feeling of appreciation will take over the stress and helps to improve your well-being.